for Dance


“Your studio exceeds the customer care anyone would normally expect from a business, this is because Studio III Dance treats us as a family not just a customer”…..Cindy W


“Thanks for arranging such a fabulous opportunity for my daughter”…..Darlene


“I am happy at Studio III and I know that my daughter is as well. I like the high standards your studio offers and I am comfortable knowing that Katarina is safe when I leave her there.”…..Rosa C.


“I am happy to let you know that Lauren loves dancing with Studio III. I have always appreciated the support and encouragement you provide Lauren and you have always been accommodating and fair with fees and schedules to help us with our juggling. She enjoys coming to the studio. We like it when you bring in different elements to your programs and different experiences for the dancers.”…..D Wilson


“Studio III dance has provided my child with encouragement and support as well as unwavering commitment to her success. Virginia Williams and her dedicated staff have not lost touch with the importance of “putting the children’s needs first”. The teachers are all wonderful especially Kristina, who carries with her an unending enthusiasm and love of dance which has enriched my daughters training immensely and will undoubtedly contribute to the studios’ future success. I thank the studio for their care and genuine concern for my child and her needs, as well as for that which may extend to our family”…..Laurie V


“I love to dance and the teachers here push me so I grow to do the best I possibly can. Great friendships have developed with all my classmates and teachers and I love them all. Studio III is my home away from home and I am very proud to be a part of such an environment.”…..Cassandra W. – Student


“I am 12 years old and I am a dancer at Studio III Dance. I have been there since it opened, and ever since my first dance class I have never wanted to change dance studios. That is because of the awesome teachers and staff. Also because I have made life time friendships and learned so much along the way! I would never leave Studio III Dance even if I lived on the other side of the world!”…..Bobbi M. – Student


“It’s a rare thing to find a dance school that can offer not only superior technical training, but also a positive and welcoming learning space for its students. Studio III does just that. While students are offered the opportunity to train competitively or recreationally with the school’s knowledgeable teaching staff, they are all made to feel like a part of the team – a part of the family. The atmosphere is warm and inclusive, which is a rare thing for a competitive studio. As a teacher I found myself inspired by my students and their eagerness to learn. I would send my own children to Studio III in a heartbeat.”…..Christine Reid – Guest Instructor


“I enjoy dancing at Studio III because all the teachers are very welcoming and let you be yourself. It is not a big competition to see who is the best among dancers – they don’t push you to be somebody else – they take you for the dancer that you are. There are competition classes where we compete against other studios but it is not a battle among everyone. Virginia, the owner, is very generous and gives you suggestions and is there for everyone – she is always at the studio and has new ideas for everyone for dance and for classes. This summer the studio had a Princess Parade which was dance and crafts for younger dancers. The studio is very welcoming to all of the dancers. Some dancers are there just to have a good time and to learn something new, while others are planning on building a future in it. Virginia helps out everybody, and supports you no matter what your plans are! I am glad I am dancing in Studio III and I can’t wait until dance starts up again so I can go back to the studio and do what I love: dance.”…..Ceridwen K. – Student


“Each dance studio has strengths and focus. Studio III focuses on the child. Dancers are taught in an encouraging manner that gently brings out their best abilities. Family oriented; the scheduling, parent commitment and costs are reflective of the understanding that families are busy and pulled in many directions. Students have the opportunity to learn dance techniques in a variety of dance genres and they can participate in a regular or competitive schedule. Classes are grouped favourably for the students. The only difficulty we have is that our daughter wants to be there all day, every day – dancing. What a great problem!”…..Darlene Kingstone – Parent