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Dancers may have a low bun for acrobatics or a low ponytail with bangs clipped back

Pre-School Dance Programs

Dance With Me

The world of music and movement is explored in this class designed for you and your little one from age 18 months to 3. These little ones will develop their gross motor skills while dancing and having fun with you!

dance with me preschool dance lessons

Leaping Littles

This is a program for children ages 3 to 4 that do not need a parent or caregiver in the class with them. They will build on skills learned in Dance With Me. They will be twirling with joy, tapping with excitement, learning rhythmic skills and the beginnings of tumbling.

leaping littles preschool dance lessons orangeville ontario

Prancing Preschoolers

These classes will incorporate ballet, jazz and tap depending on the combo class chosen. Preschoolers age 4-6 will be working more towards learning French ballet terms and movements, tapping and rhythm movements and jazz steps to see what style of dance they really enjoy. Each style will be using the music style that would typically correspond with that style of dance.

prancing preschool dance

Mini Movers

This amazing group of 7 – 10 year olds have either been participating for a year or so or are new to the dance world. Choose between ballet, tap, jazz, acro or hip hop for your classes. All classes will be full of fun using child appropriate music and games to get them learning without knowing it!

Ballet Programs

Ballet is the key to the development of all dancers. Technique developed through ballet training is essential in order to excel in other forms of dance. Ballet classes are mandatory for those seeking to compete in dance. We offer non-syllabus and examination classes through R.A.D., Cecchetti and B.A.T.D.

Dress Code: Prancing Preschool and Primary ballet may wear a pink bodysuit or black tank bodysuit. Mini Movers and up should wear a black tank body suit, pink tights and ballet slippers/Pointe shoes. A ballet warm-up sweater may be worn at the beginning of class. Dance skirts are not allowed.

ballet programs orangeville ontario

Boys Hip Hop

Our B Boys are cool and have some awesome moves. They learn fancy footwork, floor spins and many other moves that they really love and have fun with.

boys hip hop

Hip Hop

An exciting and hard hitting class filled with the latest popular dance steps and music. This highly energetic dynamic class will challenge the dancer by introducing them to a free form of urban and street-style dancing, funk, house etc. Emphasis will be placed on isolations, coordination and musicality. Bring a Towel and water bottle!

Dress Code: Any colored tank top that is longer than the waist of the dance pants, black pants or capris and indoor runners, jazz sneakers or dance boots. Short belly baring tank tops are unacceptable.

hip hop dance lessons


Rhythm is at the heart of this discipline. Add speed and timing and you have one of the most entertaining dance disciplines enjoyed by all age groups. It is like drumming with your feet! Examination classes available.

Dress Code: Black tank body suit, beige tights and beige tap shoes with rubber grips. Dance shorts/leggings may also be worn over the body suit.

tap dance lessons orangeville on


Jazz evolved from Ballet and Modern dance styles. Jazz classes include warm-up, stretches, jump & turns and teaching dance skills such as body coordination, flexibility and self expression. Jazz classes are most often choreographed with popular music as the driving force and are very popular with all age groups. Our jazz exams are based on Brian Foley’s ADAPT syllabus which produces very well-trained dancers whose technique and performance are second to none. Examination classes available.

Dress Code: Black tank body suit, beige tights and beige jazz shoes. Dance shorts may also be worn

jazz dancing


Contemporary Dance is the name given to a group of 20th century concert dance forms. It is a collection of systems and methods developed from Modern and Postmodern dance, thus contemporary dance is not a specific dance technique. Australian, European, Canadian and American contemporary dance differ from each other in a number of ways.

Contemporary dance principles include: centering, alignment, gravity, breath, contraction, release, fall and recovery, suspension, balance and off-balance, tension and relaxation, opposition and emotion.

contemporary dance orangeville ontario


Lyrical dance is a fusion of ballet and jazz dance techniques.

Lyrical dance challenges choreographers and dancers to use motion to interpret music and express emotion. A lyrical dancer’s movements attempt to show the meaning of the music. Lyrical jazz is a very passionate and emotional dance style. It portrays certain emotions such as love, and tells a story through every movement made.

Dress Code: Black tank body suit, beige tights, footless or split sole tights. Half sole shoes, Foot Undies or bare feet.

lyrical dance


This is a supplementary class for all dancers looking to increase their flexiblity, strength and stamina in order to successfully meet the needs placed on the progressing dancer. Exercises to improve technique and performance while keeping the physical needs of the young dancer in mind will be taught. All dancers should bring a towel and water bottle. Injury prevention and treatment will also be addressed.

Dress Code: Black body suit, black dance pants and bare feet.



Pointe is available to students with an extensive background in Ballet. Participation in Pointe class is by invitation only.

Dress Code: Black tank body suit, pink tights and ballet slippers/Pointe shoes. A ballet warm-up sweater may be worn at the beginning of class. Dance skirts are not allowed.


Acro & Tumbling

A combination of gymnastics/ acrobatics and dance. Acro classes help to develop balance, agility, strength, and flexibility.

Dress Code:  Black tank body suit, beige footless tights, bare feet.

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