About Studio 3 Dance

We know your child’s dance education is very important to you. We feel that our faculty is highly qualified to give your child a solid foundation in dance. Whether your child would like to dance for fun or would someday like to become a professional dancer or teacher, we can fulfill these needs.

Dance benefits people of all ages. Dance improves coordination, posture, muscular awareness, strength and flexibility. For young children, dance may help them with basic math skills as they count music. As young as three, basics will be learned, but most importantly, dance teaches children that activity is fun. Setting up a love for movement is very important.

Our ballet classes are taught by Royal Academy of Dance certified instructors. The Royal Academy of Dance is one of the world’s most influential dance education and training organizations, with its global headquarters in London, England.

With 13,000 members in 85 countries and offices in 36 of them, they have an incredible global network of passionate and skilled employees, teachers and members, each shaping and influencing the future of dance.

We specialize in educating students using the distinguished Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers (ADAPT) syllabus created by Brian Foley, one of Canada’s most renowned dance teachers, directors and choreographers.

ADAPT offers yearly examinations in the dance disciplines of Tap and Jazz. The syllabus teaches a strong solid technical foundation, along with artistic expression preparing students to enter the dance profession.

Our Preschool classes are based on the Discover Dance Program and the Royal Academy of Dance Creative Movement Program.


Discover Dance

The Discover Dance approach to early childhood dance education is the perfect blend of discovery and development that leads to a lifelong appreciation for the ART of dance. We are dedicated to teaching the developing child FIRST, the dancer second. Through this lens, we meet every child’s individual needs at their developmental stage.


Acro Dance Teachers Association is a acro teaching program that teaches in a safe progressive way to increase a dancers’ ability to perfect acro skills in their own time safely with the strength and flexibility required. The program also emphasizes the dance component to acro that is very important. 

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Orangeville ballet dance lessons

At Studio III Dance, we strongly believe that Dance as an art form is one of the most beautiful and exciting experiences one can have in life. We are highly devoted and dedicated to the process of the development and popularization of dance activities among people of all ages. We are also fully committed to providing our students with the highest level of education.

For whatever reason your child is interested in dancing, we will help develop higher self-esteem, better coordination, self-discipline, creativity, poise, a healthy body and mind and a love for dance.

Our Aim at Studio III Dance is to:

  • to provide a safe and happy environment for students of all ages to achieve their personal goals in dance through encouragement and fun.
  • offer dancers a new level of dance training through programs that are not offered anywhere else in the city. Starting from ages 18 months to adults whether it’s for certified examinations or simply for health, fun and recreation, we’re the studio for you!
  • provide classes for recreational students of all ages that are both challenging and enjoyable with the end being an overall improvement of coordination, flexibility, posture, confidence, and musicality.
  • to offer the opportunity for students to take important examinations in order to progress to a professional level as either a dancer or a teacher
  • Most importantly to strongly encourage every single one of our students to become the best that they can be!
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